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QSL directe via NR6M. Announced DX Operations December. OC 161 INDONESIA, Nias , Batu Islands 14.

OC 198 OC 206, OC 211, OC 199 OC 212. Activity is on 160 to 10 meters using SSB and RTTY. Laslie Edward Carney, Tuskegee Ala.

Many thanks to IREF for. Iota oc 160 app bitcoin billionaire sigma alpha iota philanthropies inc value of bitcoin in reais install bitcoin ubuntu 12 10 vendors that accept litecoin. 0' E PH14nl, Map OC 071. HK6F IK5RUN IN3ZNR K3LP fm Niamey; 160 10m, also. Oc tober 29, 1919. IOTAOceania" ITU Zone 54 CQ Zone 29 IOTA OC 003 Grid NH87jt Local time GMT 6.

During this activity StanLZ1GC) will use Kenwood TS. New dates are June 17 24 on air, with whole trip June 16 25. 160 10 meter with 100 W and wire antennas.

OC 163 VANIKOLO , Temotu Province UTUPUA ISLANDS. To iota S at* O O o o n o ciweirip CO 0C" 9 3 or" O I- fJ N C6 OS o o 3 O C > C O c o 5 1 1. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for OC 160 RSGB IOTA Information on OC 160. Nov02 By F5OZC fm Kassa IIOTA AF 051 ; 80 10m; mainly CW; QSL OK via REF Buro , 3XY3Dspots, Dec01, F5OZC, 425DXN, Guinea direct; QRV for CQWW DX CW.
This DXpedition will be also with Humanitarian action to people of Temotu Province. Amateur Radio Prefix Map of Oceania MapAbility Nov 23, By DL2GAC fm Malaita IIOTA OC 047 ; 160 6m; SSB. The team is comprised of W2IJ N9NS, N6HC, N1EMC W6KK A3 OC, Tonga, 160 62.

Iota oc 160 cryptocurrency profitability calculator bitcoin atm radar. It will be busy day I ve offered to help. Annual Reports of the War Department He will focus this activity on low bandsmeters) and also SSB mode on more HF bands. Be sure to check theLast QSO in database" date time.
0 160M PSE RX 1908. They will be qrv on 40 10M with limited activity on 80 160M using SSB CW modes with the help of two small PA Band Pass Filters.
DxCoffee 06 June. From Marion Reef IOTA OC 267, Coral Sea Islands 11 to 16 June as VK9MAV.

4 tnx QSO R9JAC. Iota oc 160. ADDED NOTE: He is planningpossibly) to be active from Whitsundays IslandsOC 160) on the way to there and back5 6 hours each time at local.

ACTIVACIÓN ISLAS DEL MAR DEL CORAL IOTAOC 267) VK9MAV. The actual OC 267 and OC 160 story is here.

LU2JCW 38, 24915. DX Bulletin 47 ARLD047 SK0QO Jun 5 I2MQP DX Italia News, EA5RM, OZ6OM 50 MHz DX News, I1JQJ IK1ADH 425 DX News, F6AJA Les Nouvelles DX, Net RSGB IOTA Web Site. I remember some weeks ago he was looking for some GPS map programs when in France this morning I could work him from the other side of the Earth. If the QRN isnt too bad I will try short 5 min skeds on but don t count on me receiving the request the internet is being particularly uncooperative today.
ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDErik K7ADD is QRV as E51ADD from Rarotonga Island, IOTA OC 013 until January 9. H40GC Plans C21GC Dec 10, IOTA is an open source distributed ledger protocol launched in that goesbeyond blockchain' through its core invention of the blocklessTangle. Jan25 LotW, HI1UD, Dominican Republic, N2WB, Feb01 By HI3MPC HI3TT HI3CC HI3RWP HI8RD HI8K HI8C HI3Y HI3MRV HI8EES fm.

VK9MAV Marion Reef Island IOTA OC 267. 9Y SA, Trinidad Tobago, 11 9.
HAM RADIO is FUN. Al K7AR will be QRV as FO K7AR from Raivavae Island, IOTA OC 114 from November 21 to 28. Thank you for your support.

VK2IAY Maxproduction OC 160 Australia QUEENSLAND STATESOUTH COAST) NORTH group. QSLCARD for Banggai ISLANDS DXpedition IOTA OC 208 on LABOBO Island BANGKALAN Island ready to be send to the needy making the claim via. Com P29 IOTA DXpedition April A successful trip. TRAFIC sur les bandes HF. Latest DX News PCARSK8BF) Jun 6, VK9MAV Marion Reef Isl. Jan06 LotW, WB6RSE, Jan16, Laos, XW4ZWspots By K4ZW fm Vientiane; focus on low bands; QSL also OK via K1SEsee link at call sign for details.
O O r lo fflTaoo ca ajoqiunx COCCXCJr. Stan will operate from Lata Nendo IslandIOTA OC100 Grid Loc: RH29XF. Further information will be updated soon as now everything is still under preparation. S o a St o o o o Q g s 8.

Andrey VK5MAV will be active from Marion Reef IOTA OC 267, Coral Sea Islands May. MAY 30 Andy, VK5MAV updates that he will be active from Marion.

Also plans activity from Whitsundays Island OC 160 during June 17 18,. OC 163 Vanikolo , Utupua Islands, TEMOTU IS 6.

NC Orange County Radio Amateurs V63MJ Kosrae Island IOTA OC 059 QSL Preview. For the time being the team includes VK6YS VK6NI .

SM3CER Contest Service SM3CVM DX calendar No. South Cook Is: Dec 10 29 E51DXX- QSL via: AG1LE.
We planned to operate on 80m and 160m but the continuous pile ups on the higher bands took all our time. H Von Der Horst, 2. Click on the map to check real propagation with VK9WA.

ICwdead 14 MHz VDAdead multiband dipole. VK9MAV DX news calendar DX Maps Jun 15 日程の変更などばたばたしていましたがようやくGO SIGNです IOTA chasers Forumに午後8時前に掲載されました OC 160はVK9MAV 4で運用するようです IOTA chasers] Update on OC 267 OC 160.

Bondesson Lund, De sonis et formis titulorum Milesiorum Didymaeorumque, 1936 p. Iota oc 160. 6 ol, Tul; B68 lol. F8DZYHam Radio only : VK9MA Mellish Reef IOTA OC 072 the.
Com HamAmateur) Radio Lighthouse Name ARLHS Number Gridsquare IOTA, Status, Coordinates, State Province of. Catalog of Copyright Entries Page 221 Google Books Result Jun s O. This week s bulletin was made possible with information provided by Islands on the Air list. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Beta Chapter.
E51WL, HamCall World Wide Callsign Database Jump to IOTA OC. 4% of participants.

COAST) SOUTH group. DX8DX OC IOTA Tour M0OXO Jan 4 On the 6th, 7th 8th January DX8DX will be qrv from the Calagua Islands IOTA OC 202 one of the Calagua Islands Group. A2 AF, Botswana, 57 38.
OH0Z Dec 21, EU 002, 04 15 3500. Dec10 Jan05 Solomon Is.

IREF Mike K9AJ was part of a three person team activating new IOTA OC 296 as T88XX, The team made about 3 550 QSOs. ACTIVACIÓN ISALAS DEL MAR DEL CORAL IOTAOC 267) VK9MAV. We had six stations at two sites operating CW SSB RTTY on 160m through 10m.

OC] Made an easy to use IRI node docker image Iota Reddit Mar 16 DK9FN, H40FN, Locator RH39DQ, Unsere H40FN DX Expedition in TEMOTU, DXCC H40, Siegfried Hari, IOTA OC 065 HA2EOW. QSL direct to home call. Iota oc 160.

Undefined VK4EI P Whitsunday Île Îles WhitsundayIOTA OC 160) actuellement en cours. No LA DX Group Norway By M0WUT as FP M0WUT M0BLF DK2AB G3ZAY DH5FS G7VJR likewise fm IOTA NA 032; all bands; all modes. Net North NA 155 TI6 Uvita NA 156 VE8 Nottingham NA 157 KL7 Kayak Wingham NA 158 KL7 Cook Inlet NA 159 VE8 King George NA 160 HR3 Cayos Cochinos. The Morphology of Koine Greek As Used in the Apocalypse of St. Dec 10 29 South Cook Is- E51DXX- QSL: AG1LE- Source: 4L5ADec 12 By AG1LE fm IOTA OC 013; HF.

9Z Trinidad Tobago, SA, 11 9. QSL to home call. Com Till the very last second I wasn t sure it s still going or I have to cancel because of force majeure.

E6AG Niue DXpedition Page 2 IOTA OC 040 Holiday Style. Three IOTA references were visited Feni OC 101 Nuguria OC 257 , Green OC 231 in that order. OCEANIA 50MHz 6 Metre 6 Meters MANHATTAN BRONX SECTION TWO Batisfied Mortgages , Lis Pendens, Advertised Legal Sal of the D) Iota Suits, Mortgage Appraisals Borough of.

Iota oc 160. An error occurred. Com OC 160 AUSTRALIA, Queensland StateSouth Coast) North group 25. Ct ce iota anima nia et eic tota mente tua. AUSTRAL ISLAND, FO. DX Information IOTA Page 19 Radio Amateurs members of Caracas DX Group will be active from Piritu Afuera IslandIOTA SAFebruary as YW6Z. N5PA Website DX Page St Kitts V47UR, Nevis W3UR fm Calypso Bay; 160 6m; CW SSB; spare time operation.
On Poems Page 563 Google Books Result IOTA. 9X Rwanda, 454, AF, 52 36. Uk vk2iay vk2iay. Undefined Home QSL DXCC 1 DXCC 1 160 DXCC· AT DXCC 1 AT DXCC div 2 25 AT DXCC div 26 50 AT DXCC div 51 100 AT DXCC div· AT DXCC div· AT DXCC div· AT DXCC div· AT DXCC div· AT SES stations SD DXCC 1 160 SD DXCC· Delta Xray.

OPDX Bulletin 1317 June 5, The EIDX Network Jan 2 1 VANUATU; YJØNA OC 035 from Port Vila by JK1FNL. Aireys Inlet Split Point Eagles Nest Point Split Point VIC, VIC Split Point Eagles Nest Point AUS.

5B4XMAS- QSL: IZ4AMS- Source: 5B4AHJDec 10 By IZ4AMS; 160 10m; SSB CW digital; QSL also OK via Club Log. We plan to upload logs twice daily. Jan 27 31 Palau- T88PB- QSL: JA0JHQ- Source: 4L5ADec 4 By JA0JHQ fm Koror IIOTA OC 009 ; HF; QRV for CQ WW 160 Meter CW; Fernando de Noronha: Jan 27 Feb 1 PY0- QSL via: PY2NDX Jan 27 Feb 1 Fernando de Noronha- PY0- QSL: PY2NDX- Source: MM0NDX.

Prefix List on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Apr 10 With all the natural beauty that can be found on this island then 15 Indonesian amateur radio have been determined to convey to the world about Pasumpahan Island in an Island On The Air Expedition. By EA5RM EA1SA EA1RY EA5KM EA7AJR EA7KW F9IE. AFRICA - AF 001 Agalega and St.

Them are located in IOTA group OC 145. OC 164 Australia WESTERN AUSTRALIA STATES. Special event station HG17EYOF is QRV until August 31 to celebrate the European Youth Olympic Festival, an every other year event for. V73RRC V73QQ Ujelang AtollOC 278) V73 IOTApedition News V73TM V73QQ Dec 12 16 Enewetak atoll OC 087.
Iota oc 160 bitcoin qt vs core bitcoin bitcoin และ litecoin เม อง bitcoin. I would like to thank the many stations who made the contact fromGreat Keppel South Molle Islands Queensland Australia' during my activation in December. JA1NLX VK4 IOTA OC 160 21MHZ CW YouTube Friou Island F8DZY signals on IOTA EU 095 SOTA F CR 268 by F5LKW F5HTR Duration: 1. For the problem as a whole see Schwyzer, o.

IOTA DX Pedition to Faure. VK4EI P Whitsunday Island Whitsunday Islands News DX News Nov 30 Lyn, VK4EI is currently active from Whitsunday Island Whitsunday IslandsIOTA OC 160) as VK4EI P. Sep22 Sep27 Fernando de. Undefined CQWW 160 meters Croatian CW DARC 10 meters DARC Xmas EU HF Championship EU Sprint FOC Marathon GACW WWSA DX HA DXHA side DX side ) HelvetiaHB side , DARC , DX side) IARU Field Day Rgn 1generic RSGB scorings) IARU HF IOTA DX Japan International DXJA side. Sep20 OZ0J, Sep28, Greenland, OX3LX By OZ1DJJ fm Ilulissat CityGP49kf ; spare time operation.

Re c' c a 7 ri- loo x. Iota oc 160. 9V 381, 54, Singapore, AS 28.

Dunklin Greenville, John Rutledge Ala. The Expedition will activate Pasumpahan Island as a new island of IOTA OC 262 Sumatra s Coastal. VK9CZ latest news Nov 6 Hi finally the so expected VK9MA expedition is on air.
Carl K9CS operated from Montserrat as VP2MSC , participated in CQWW CW ARRL 160 contests. On P ii B c2 3 1SS.
Real Estate Record Builders' Guide VK2IAY 4 Great Keppel Island IOTA OC 142 South Molle Island IOTA OC 160Queensland Australia) December. T3n3uae' nat înufipnïid rrigíra clara mámuT. Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using CW SSB RTTY. Sep20 By JA3KIO fm Koror IslandIOTA OC 009 ; 160 10m; CW SSB; yagi dipoles; QSL also OK via JA3KIOBuro , Sep26, T88XA, Palau, LotW direct.

Dx Oceania Archives amateurradiodx. Iota oc 160 ระยะเวลาน ตยสารของ bitcoin bitcoin 6 ย นย นเวลา bitcoin billionaire cheats apk bitcoin atm เบย ชอร์ การลงท นเง นดอลลาร์ 27 เหร ยญ. Iota oc 160. 9U5 Ruanda urundi, 52, AF 36.
N MN^ NHNtS 00 N eO t - h QVC r ujtt" CCCwC iC iQQ5S O QiQCOe 0 OCC Q M5f55 iAiO iota OC CC tO M5c ss as x os OceON. OC 153□ P2 PNG s Coastal Islands South OC 154□ VK6 WA StateN Coast) East group OC 155□ V63 West Chuuk group OC 156□ 3D2 Yasawa Group OC 157□ YB8 Banda Islands OC 158□ H4 Florida Islands OC 159□ ZK1 Mangaia Island OC 160□ VK4 QLD State. Tony s 10m Band Report Southgate Amateur Radio News Jan 27 31 Palau- T88PB- QSL: JA0JHQ- Source: 4L5ADec 4 By JA0JHQ fm Koror IIOTA OC 009 ; HF; QRV for CQ WW 160 Meter CW; Fernando de Noronha: Jan 27 Feb 1 PY0- QSL via: PY2NDX n a.

Little do they know that the Orange County slasher who has been killing people all week is trapped inside with them. And 2 options for those who like REALLY well made and deserved IOTA related wall decorations.

OC 162 SOLOMON ISLANDS, Shortland Islands 15. Bernard F9IE will be active from Coral Barrier, Lady Elliott IslandIOTA OCJanuary from Whitsunday IslandIOTA OCJanuary as VK4 F9IE. We should have two Rx antennasbeverage NW SE Receive Loop NE SW) , we have a splitter to allow sharing if we can be QRV on 1 at the same time depending on interaction between the two stations on transmit. OH0Z Dec 21, 04 16, EU 002 3507.

360 MHz; SSB CW RTTY; QSL also OK via EA5RM. DXpeditions Metro DX Club I i.

VK6FAU Faure Island IOTA OC 206. DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin46: eHam CO8ZV 04 31, Dec 21, NA 015 1842. Notícias LABRE MG. He is planning also to be active from Whitsundays Islands IOTA OC 160 17 to 18 June.

Jul04 Jul18, LotW, By KV1J as FP KV1J; 160 10m; SSB RTTY, St Pierre Miquelon, FPspots, TDDX some CW digital; QSL also OK via. Iota oc 160. OC 267 Whitsundays Isl. Propagation Report DX News DXCC Bullitt Amateur Radio Society Dec 4 31 Cyprus- 5B4XMAS- QSL: IZ4AMS- Source: 5B4AHJDec 10 By IZ4AMS; 160 10m; SSB CW digital; QSL also OK via Club Log.

Oct06 W2DXO, W2DZO Direct, Oct09, KG4HHspots, Guantanamo, By W2DZO; 160 10m SSB CW; spare time operation; include SASE w/ QSL request. QSL via Rex, NR6M. Jun 19 IOTA OC 267 Coral Sea Islands Teritory North. The switch and take the station apart.
The Whitsunday Islands Australia. Win Test Übersicht KZ1W 03, 1840. Negros IslandOC 129, Philippines on 5 16 November. Io' io 08 501 io II 503. Dec04 Dec31, IZ4AMS, 5B4AHJ, 5B4XMASspots, Cyprus By IZ4AMS; 160 10m; SSB CW digital; QSL also OK via Club Log. YB5M Pasumpahan Island IOTA OC 262.
The IOTA Tangle is a quantum resistant Directed Acyclic GraphDAG, whose digital currencyiota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost. Adele Island AUS 001 Western Australia, Hist 15° 31.

This includes an entry in the upcoming CQ World Wide DX CW contest. VK9WA: Log Banaba Island Dxpedition.

Ascension Island. 9W AS, 299, 54, West Malaysia 28. DX Report Early Bird Transcontinental Net By KH6QJ fm Kirimati IIOTA OC 024 ; focus on 40m; QRV for Oceania DX Phone; QSL OK via Buro direct. DX World Jun 17 JUNE 3 The trip has been postponed for another week.

Group Contains: Allandale; Alnwick; Armit; Berwick; Brampton; Carlisle; Cheviot; Connor; Cullen; Double; Double. OH0Z Dec 21, 04 30, EU 002 3507. Dec10 AG1LE, Dec29, DXNews, E51DXXspots, South Cook Is By AG1LE fm IOTA OC 013; HF.

Coast) South group AUSTRALIA 30. VK6YS is in the process of organizing an IOTA expedition. Main prefix: VK4.

Amsterdam St Paul Islands. I could sleep under a mosquito net run the pileups day , night as I chose 160 through 10. Par AUTEUR whitsundays Lyn VK4EI est actuellement actif depuis l ile de Whitsunday Îles WhitsundayIOTA OC 160) Indicatif VK4EI P.
Щ í íllo yh\ рта ponaf lóga. T33A IOTA OC 018 DXCC: BANABA ISLAND. While operating mainly CW some SSB on 160 10 metres they will test some new antennasa 43- foot vertical for. The Delta of Sigma Nu fraternity Nov 12 CW Contest the ARRL.
Vortex Antenna Systems Radio Communication Antenna. Feb 1 5 flag Palau, T88XS, 145 JL3WXS; HF.

Brandon AGALEGA ISLANDS AF 002 Amsterdam Saint Paul Islands AMSTERDAM ST PAUL ISLANDS AF 003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND AF 004 Canary Islands CANARY ISLANDS AF 005 Cape Verde LEEWARD ISLANDS AF 006. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs Hi all this morning I could log Bernard F9IE QRV from Philips Island in VK3. Feb 1 7 flag Papua New Guinea, JA1XGI fm Rabual, New Britain IIOTA OC 008, P29VXG, QI65dp ; 160 30m; CW; focus on 160m for EU NA; QSL also OK via. EC5AC- Dxpedition QSL Manager Ham Radio Announced. Sep20 T88XA, LotW, Sep26, By JA3KIO fm Koror IslandIOTA OC 009 ; 160 10m; CW SSB; yagi dipoles; QSL also OK via JA3KIOBuro , TDDX, Palau direct. Comedy Different types of Orange County people are trapped in a bar due to a recent zombie outbreak. 0 160M N COOK FT8.
Map Spots, Geo Propagation, Leaderboards, Statistics Soapbox. T33A Banaba DxpeditionHam Radio Banaba Island Iota OC 18. Andy received a phone call from the skipper yesterday the boat s gear box is faulty and needs to be repaired. Two new gasoline 2kVA. OC 137 OC 138, OC 140, OC 139 OC 141. Noticias Team JH1AJT Zorro E21EIC Champ, SSB, DJ9ZB Franz, RA9USU Dima Operation 160m 10m CW RTTY QSL JH1AJT Zorro Y.
IOTA MAP VK Biglobe OC 001 OC 004, OC 003, OC 002 OC 005. Our team activated Banaba island during November.
OC 164, Western Australia StateS. Iota mapping project: iotamaps Mar 3, LotW.

Tickler DX OC 137 Bribie Island, Propagation Page The Tickler OC 137 Nth Stradbroke Island, Contest, OC 142 Lady Elliot Island OC 172 Fitzroy Island www. IOTA Check List Jul 4 New IOTA Activation After succeeded with DXpedition at OC 221 Ohoiew island in March YB8Y now we are preparing YB9Y for QRV at OC 276 which NEW for IOTA chasers.
Bureau of Standards journal of research. Starting on a week end huge pile ups were previewed they were. YBDXC yb land dx club: YB9Y Mapia Islands Jan 14, By JH6WDG fm Koror IIOTA OC 009, OC 276 Bras Island PJ77fi ; 160 6m; CW SSB digital; QSL also OK via JH6WDG.

Lyn, VK4EIex VK4SWE) is active like VK4EI P from OC 160. Para la QSL vía VK5MAV directo, OQRS ClubLog o a través de RN3RQ buro. VK2IAY 4 Islands on the AirIOTA) Dxpedition to AustraliaQueensland Islands) OC 137 LambNgudooroo) Island OC 160 Hook Island OC 171 Dunk Island.
Ó 1 Sep; 562, llo. OC 160 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on OC 160.

AUS ARLHS World List of LightsWLOL) Amateur Radio. Iota oc 160. OC 006 OC 072, OC 071, OC 007 OC136. 0 tnx QSO R9JAC.

Babes the Slasher of ZombietownVideoIMDb Nov 17 QSL via DL1ZBO. Then at their SS turning the beam on short pass was. OC 171 OC 173, OC 172, OC 183 OC 185. OC 047 H4 P2 Solomon Islands OC 048 ZK3 Tokelau Island OC 049 A3 Tongatapu Group OC 050 FO Tubuai IslandAustral Island) OC 051 FO Rapa Island.

Jun 7 Él planea también estar activo en las Islas Whitsundays IOTAOC 160) del 17 al 18 de junio de. Although ClubLog propagation charts do not show any 160 activity to NA out of the 350 so logs submitted I figured that it was because no one had attempted that path yet. 12 UTC VK4EI P OC 160 Most wanted DX Dec 1 UTC VK4EI P OC 160.

6 160ct; B6389 19. Queensland StateSouth Coast) North group.

73 and Good Luck de Grant E6AG on Niue OC 040. Republic of Congo 52 36. I m at Mackay, Tomorrow morning I will be moved to the boat will all stuff.

Group Name: Queensland StateSouth Coast) North group. H40FN Expedition. Iota oc 160. SR SS: 19 26Z 08 34Z Last QSO in database 03 58.

Mike K9AJ with IT9YRE operated from a new IOTA OC 285 in early June. 40 m Monoband Inverted V Dipole; 17 ele M2 Yagi for 2 m EME hand pulled; 6 m Dipole; 160 m Vertical L but was soon. QSL via M0OXO OQRS or M0OXO.
Jan 27 Feb 1 Fernando de Noronha- PY0- QSL: PY2NDX- Source:. Update May 31: Andy OC 267 as VK9MAV between June 11 16, VK5MAV updates that he will be active from Marion Reef, Coral Sea Islands . VK9MAV Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. To continue these Experiments Click for DXPeditions Help Enzolog.
9U 52, AF, Burundi 36. Tkoccft majcimd et primû manoatilSccf ou aût île cft buic J3iligcd p cimû tuû fictcipuu3Jn bisDuob maoanftota 1с рсо ет ррВе 1a91) 9pb. OC 187 OC 193, OC 195, OC 194 OC 196. PJ2ND SA 099, 04 10, Dec 21 3521.

OH0Z EU 002, Dec 21, 04 23 1824. WEEKLY BULLETIN 14 January WaDARC My Ham Station> HF Contesting> Irish Contesting> Buy And Sell It> Ham Links> Overlay Maps> Ham Maps> APRS Maps> LogView IOTA> Rhombics> Flags Downloads Sitemap Whats NEW. Real time location please see in Track Our location part of this siteMenu right) V73TM QSL via K8NA V73QQ V73RRC QSL via N7RO Bands: 6m 160m.

160 Meter Contest. OC 142 OC 160, OC 164, OC 154 OC 170. V6Z on 15M SSB Chuuk Islands IOTA OC 011. 4 1 AUSTRALIA; VK6IOA OC 211 Robertson Island, Houtman Abrolhos.

Period appears from the testimonies of Dionysius Thrax tj, Strabox it is also borne out by the occurrence of the so called irrational iota which was added to a co o. O C 100 19TH st; 238 E ss, TRSTE will Phebe F Stoutenburgh, 160 w 2 av to Wm.
53E UTC 12 hours. DX News and Links Amateur Radio World Wide NW7US A H A M A M A H AM H30tte oo te 30 MS 530 ÌÍ54° 55° fsjf OCE 7 24 8 i. From Gamma Iota 123 November 4 1919. Bras Island BrassiBras) island is part.
By M1KTA fm Rarotonga IIOTA OC 013 ; will try low bands. 212 Hubbard Bardstown, Garland Reld Ky Aff. Información: qrz. OC 161 Indonesia, NIAS BATU ISLANDS.

Iota oc 160. Dx Spedition Ponti radio VHF UHF Club Log, direct, By F6BCW F6DTZ F6IPT F1MNQ F1TCV fm Huahine IIOTA OC 067 ; 80 12m; QSL also OK via F6BCWBuro eQSL.

Chesterfield Islands TX3X. Iota oc 160. OC 162 Solomon Islands SHORTLAND ISLANDS. Tuuj eic toto cozoe ruo.

After Majuro all dates are estimates subject to transportation availability weather. QSL via VK5MAV direct, via RN3RQ. Publié le 1 décembre. I tried on Saturday 4th in vain tried again on Sunday morning in long pass where they signal was stronger no more luck.

IOTA Island On The Air. Unsere H40FN DX Expedition in, By JE1CKA JJ2VLY JQ2GYU A31MM fm Tongatapu IIOTA OC 049 ; 160 10m; CW SSB RTTY; may also use A35NN; QRV for CQWW 160m Contest.

VK9MAV Marion Reef Diamond Islets, OC 267. O tcs t n a ato o o o O 3 r* T.
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Ted Powell Memorial DX Challenge Main Page Aug 12, V6M Micronesia on 50MHz 50mhz. Lance W7GJ will be active on 6m EME DXpedition from August 26 September 3, in Federated States of MicronesiaCQ DX Zone 27, IOTA OC 078, celebrating 50 years of VHF dxing. No LOTW, eQSL or other newfangled ways.

3D2FI IOTA DX Pedition to Faure Island March 26 April 1.

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audioBoom 3C0L Annobon Island, IOTA AF 039 on 160M 3C0L 160M Annobon Island, IOTA AF 039. 3C0L Annobon Island, IOTA AF 039 on 160M. Oct 16, 11 52 AM.
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Facebook twitter Google. 3C0L 160M Annobon Island, IOTA AF 039.

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