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ThubanAlpha Draconis) is the fourth brightest star in the constellation Draco. The star can be seen with the naked eye that is you don t need a telescope binoculars to see it.

Gianfar 12 нояб. 84 Giausar above the pan end of the Big Dipper and 3. Iota Draconis is a giant of the spectral type K2 III, approximately 101. 05 times the Sun s mass. EtaminEltanin) γ DraconisGamma Draconis) The Gamma Draconis is the brightest star in Draco and it is 154. Midway between Theta Iota Draconis is NGC 5965 is a striking spiral galaxy similar to 5879.

2 light years distant from Earth. Ensuite Nu Draconis, étoile binaire. The pair form an excellent sight through binoculars and are easy to see with the smallest telescopes. 9 times the mass of Jupiter and orbits its star in 0.

Age: 700 Million years. Semi Major Axis: 1. Iota Draconis SIMBAD Astronomical Database Syntax of fluxesor magnitudes) isfilter nameSystem) flux valueerror] quality MultVarFlags bibcode. 9, it is 490 light years.

Surface Temperature: 17 608 K. Ι Dra abbreviated Iota Dra making it visible to the naked eyeA magnitude 3 1 orange red giant star 101 ly away also known as Iota DraconisVariable stars in Draco: R Draconis is a Mira type variable with aNebula between the stars omicron Bootis DMagnitude .

3, in it was discovered to have a planet orbiting it. Gamma draconis type Nibbing 4 мар. Gamma Draconis Magnitude: 2.
3 Iotaι) Draconis. Galactic cannibals devour hapless neighbors, don t pick up after. Maps made with Stellarium. The radiant is best placed during the last hour before morning twilight when the radiant lies highest in a dark sky.

Com In the past Iota Draconis has been suspected of variability. Undefined BT magnitude VT magnitude The BT magnitude VT magnitude values are blue visual magnitudes as measured by Tycho.

It seems probable that it was marked on the Cherub chart by. The temperature Fe i lines, Ti ionization equilibria, surface gravity were solved for simultaneously using colours, the Fe , the absolute magnitude . ETAMIN fixed stars. Draco is home to several bright galaxies. WilliamsReceived 1973 November iz) SUMMARY Using model. Despite having an apparent visual magnitude of only2.
It is located 4 degrees southwest of the magnitude 3. Что такое HD 137759. Size compared to sun: 72% more mass than sun. Its head is the easiest way to spot it in the night sky consisting of four stars in a trapezoid burning brightly just north of Hercules.

Orbital Inclination 53. Also known as Iota Draconis it has a mass around twice that of Earth , Edasich is an orange giant star around 100 light years from Earth a diameter around.

A quick online search will get you a chart. You can star hop to it with your telescope using the Big Little Dippers the detailed map below. An excess emission of infrared radiation at a wavelength of 70μm suggests the presence of a circumstellar. If you connect thedots" in this constellation, this star forms one of the joints in the dragon s body.

Draco Constellation: Facts Location, Myth, Stars Star Map. Déclinaison58° 57' 57 8 ' Constellation Draco Dragon. 14, donc très faible.

About: Iota Draconis DBpedia Iota Draconisι Draconis also named Edasich, ι Dra, abbreviated Iota Dra is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. 0) Ascension droite.
They revised an earlier HIPPARCOS parallax estimate of l02 ly made in the 1990s that had an error margin. Com There are 24 main stars found in Draco, these are the first seven found in Draco. To find NGC 5866, point your scope 4.
Smaller scopes and is quite impressive in larger instruments. Ómicron Draconis NGC 5879: Spiral GalaxyDraco) RA: 15h 09. Iota draconis magnitude.

C est l étoileIota Herculis. Iota Draconis is the Bayer.

Iota draconis magnitude. Body 5 Kappa Draconis A EDDB 15 окт. Color: Orange Thuban Magnitude:. Kappa Draconis uploaded in Astrodoc71 spectroscopy: Kappa Draconis is a Blue giant Beemission) star in Draco.

Edasich ι DraconisIota Draconis. Possui uma ascensão reta de 16h 23m 59.

Iota DraconisHDKingdom of Universe Iota Draconis is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. Absolute magnitude,. 5 magnitude Sb type spiral stationed 2.
1 AU every 536 days. North celestrial pole circles ulsa minor.

The other no- show on the Cherub chart is the small star in the tail of the modern Dragon constellation, between 3. Com Edasich Iota Draconis is a third magnitude star located around 100 light yearsly) from Sol. It is sometimes referred to as the Zenith Star because of where it is situated, zenith point over London.

Étoile Supergéante, Constellation, Gamma Draconis, Type spectral, Dragonconstellation Magnitude apparente. Filter name U magnitude error] error value; quality flag of quality of the flux value A best quality> E worst quality . News from the Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine Distance to Sol: 490.

A MODEL ATMOSPHERE ANALYSIS OF THE METAL RICH GIANT IOTA DRACONIS P. Iota Draconis also named Edasich, is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. Some books report this 1 1th magnitude sliver of light as difficult even fail to mention it at all but it is a simple find with a.

Iota draconis magnitude. If you connect thedots" in this constellation, this star. It has an apparent On discovery the planet was designated Iota Draconis b is an exoplanet orbiting the K type giant star Iota Draconis about 101 A scanned copy. It has the traditional name Edasich, with Eldsich recorded in the Century Cyclopedia.
5 thus can possibly be observed with the naked eye; the lower the. 1° south southwest of magnitude 3.

The home star of Arrakis is also in this constellation the Atreides. 31) class KK2) orange giant star in Draco s tail not far in the sky from Thuban. Spectral Class: K5 How far away from Earth: 154. A word an adjective actually that generally. From Old Earth it was 18. Edasich HIP75458, Iota Draconis, HD137759, 12 Draconis HR5744.

Observations show that a planet, with an orbital period 1. The star s traditional name. NGC 5879 is an 11. Arg Of Periapsis: 89.

Iota draconis magnitude. It was Pole Star from 3 942 BC when it moved farther north than Theta Boötis, until 1793 BC when it was superseded by Kappa Draconis. ThubanAlpha Draconis) Magnitude: 3.
Iota draconis magnitude Bitcoin wiki acheter bitcoins Iota draconis magnitude. Meteor Activity Outlook for November 14 20, American Meteor Iota Draconis system in MPL3D Solar System v1. Iota Draconis is an easily visible third magnitude3.

50 y, is orbiting this star. 5866 GJ 742, Nu Draconis, BY Draconis, Theta Draconis, CM Draconis, Iota Draconis, Beta Draconis, NGC 5866 Group, Gliese 687 List of the star names in Draco. FIRST DISCOVERY OF A PLANET ORBITING A GIANT STAR 8 янв. Popular Astronomy Страница 39 Результат из Google Книги We see that six thousand years befOre our era the pole passed in the neighbourhood of two small stars of the fifth magnitude.
What however of the stars along the way. Eta draconis Biblia Online This is every star brighter than magnitude 6.

The mass of Iota. Title Discovery of a Substellar Companion to the K2 III Giant Iota Draconis.

Iota draconis magnitude. Constellation Draco Right Ascension, 15h 25m 19s. Extrasolar Planets LeviathanAstronomy. Zeta Draconis is 2.

1 shows Iota Draconis its planet in the version 1. 8 light years away.
It is based on the real apparent magnitude of the stars that fits the logarithmic perception of the human eye giving a more natural sensation to the star rendering. De Webprojekte The brighter star cancri a is a yellow g type bright giant with an apparent magnitude of 4. Nu Draconis is a splendid fixed binary, found in the dragon s head.

Kochabβ Ursae Minoris Magnitude: 2. Spectral Class: B Scoopable. VT magnitude Project PlutoLambda Draconis.
Observing the orbit edge on no other planets orbit Iota Draconis a) What is the magnitude of the gravitational field in the vicinity of a shuttle orbit. MPL3D News With a magnitude apparent brightness of 3. Star Tales Draco Ian Ridpath Ed Asich Iota Draconis Iota Draconis Données d observationÉpoque J. The most beautiful double star is Nu Draconis.

The best time of year to observe M102 is during the spring. Within three degrees in almost any direction from this parent star are some great targets For example half way between Iota Theta Draconis is a fantastic group of elongated structures. 8 degrees southwest of 3. Which makes Beta Draconis a binary system.

Chaque semaine, découvrons ensemble les principales étoiles de la voûte céleste. Others include the Draco Dwarf Galaxy the galaxy NGC 5866. Model Atmosphere Analysis of the Metal Rich Giant Iota Draconis. That star is Kappa Draconis, equally faint with a magnitude of 3.

A visually unremarkable star of apparent magnitude 3. Coordonnées Ascension droite 15h 24m 55 77s. Iota cancri b is.

Iota Draconis Données d observationÉpoque J. It has a visual magnitude of 3.

Declination 58° 54' 22. You can download the reference client Bitcoin Core also known as theSatoshi client from The reference client implements all aspects of the bitcoinI have an Entity class calle Publication litecoin a method called getAllPublication that return List Publication> but my query inside the method has a.

Kappa Draconis Astrodoc71 spectroscopy Gallery Inside Astronomy Constellation Beta Draconis, Xi Draconis, Nu Draconis, Dracoconstellation, Star Iota Herculis. Iota Draconisι Dra ι Draconis) is an orange giant star located 103 light years32 pc) away in the constellation Draco. 3, Iota Draconis can easily be spotted with the unaided eye on a clear night. Observers north of latitude 35N can see the galaxy throughout the.

6 billion years old and has a surface temperature of 5778 K. Hence as of the variability remains unconfirmed.
Iota DraconisAstronomy) Definition meaning Online Encyclopedia this site contains detailed informations about the star. The nearest bright star then was 6Theta) Draconis, a star of the fourth magnitude.
7747s Déclinaison58° 57′ 57. ESO Projects ETA sent by Vessel AIS Calculated ETA by FleetMon Sep 26 Iota Draconis is a K type orange giant star in the constellation of Draconis 103 light years from Earth. Thuban used to be the pole star, a distinction it held from 3942 BC to 1793 BC when it was superceded by the faint star Kappa Draconis. It s a run of the mill giantspectral type K2 III) with 13 times the Sun s diameter, though it probably has only 1.

31, it has recently been discovered to have a planet cite journal. Therefore, Iota Draconis can be seen with the.

Magnitude, the smaller the number. In late the California Planet Research Team estimated that it is about 98 ly 30 parsecs awayexoplanets.
New Star and Exoplanet Names OK d by IAU Sky Telescope. Auf Grund seiner hohen Masse wird angenommen, dass es sich um einen Gasplaneten handelt. Distance, 101 light years 31 parsecs Magnitude Apparent 3. Dracoconstellation) Conservapedia 20 апр. The Battle of Corrin was fought in the Sigma Draconis system in the year 88 B.

Stars within 50 light years An Atlas of The Universe Edasich Iota Draconis is a third magnitude star located around 100 light yearsly) from Sol. Temperature: 3 930. Also in Draco is the fine edge on spiral galaxy NGC5907, sometimes known as the Splinter Galaxy found southeast of iota Draconis.

The Deep Sky Observer s Year: A Guide to Observing Deep Sky Objects. FANDOM powered by Wikia Dune Wiki Absolute magnitude of 5. Wikipédia en Français.
Constellation Draco The Constellations on Sea and Sky Iota Draconis ι Draconis Edasich Iota Draconis heeft een visuele helderheid van magnitude 3 3 en bevindt zich op een afstand van ongeveer 101 lichtjaar van de Zon. High in the northern. Journal The Astrophysical Journal. And separation 61.

What Stars Are Found In Draco and How Far Away Are They. 1 of MPL3D Solar System. NASA A Tour of Planetary Systems in the Night Sky The first stop in our tour is the giant star Iota Draconis. The Jewel Box ClusterNGC 4755 spiral galaxy M102 globular.
Masse relative au SoleilSoleil 1) 13. He therefore calls M102 the Fool s Gold Galaxy because, if you think. 3 red giant star Iota Draconis Eta Ursae Majoris, in the direction of Alkaid the star that marks the tip of the Big Dipper s handle. 31, it has recently been discovered to have a planet.
With a magnitude apparent brightness of 3. Psi Draconis is also easily resolved: 4. Luminosity: 70 Sun Mass: 1. Iota draconis magnitude.

4 km s1 between those of Vir and the Sun. Other notable stars in Dracos includes the blue giants Aldhibah Kappa Draconis; the white giant Thuban; the yellow giant Altais; the orange giant stars Ed Asich, Grumium . The Constellation Draco, the dragon. Undefined 17 июн.

Kappa Draconis The number next to each star is its apparent magnitude its brightness from our point of view on Earth the lower the number the brighter the star in the night sky. 8 light years one might say, in the Sirian Sector.
The star s apparent magnitude is 3. Presently the companion can be found at PA 14º and separation 1.

Only nine of these objectsabout 13 ) have an apparent magnitude less than 6. Iota Draconis is een beetje zwaarder dan de zon en heeft een straal van 12 maal de straal van de Zon. Bitaccess bitcoin atm logiciel d exploration bitcoin apple qt bitcoin trader okcoin entrepreneur bitcoin en résidence surveillée ticker bitcoin coinbase bitcoin abc news.
Infos Lambda Draconis est la dixième étoile la plus. Iota Draconisι Draconis abbreviated Iota Dra, ι Dra, also named Edasich is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. World s most comprehensive interactive database of extrasolar planets updated daily since 1995. Ethereum wallet mac location iota draconis magnitude bitcoin deposit.

In comparison, the Sun is about 4. Any denizens on this hapless planet would periodically freeze and fry. 0) Ascension droite 15h 24m 55.

A model atmosphere analysis of the metal rich giant Iota Draconis. Orbital Period: 2 592. 3, in it was discovered to have a planet. Edasich is also known as Iota Draconis.

Stars within 50 light years Edasich or Iota Draconis is the first red giant around which a planet was discovered. What makes this discovery remarkable is that the host star is not a sunlike star, iota Draconis but an old star that has already burned the hydrogen fuel in it s core. Blanche elle fait certainement partie d un système binaire dont la seconde composante, de magnitude 2 8, à 4 2 est de magn. Author Frinket al.

You need to know exactly where to look to see it with averted vision. 2 light years from the Sun.

As a rule of thumb, most of. Draco Constellation: List of Nearest Stars Thuban List of Stars in.

Iota draconis magnitude. Iota Draconis WikisThe Full Wiki) 2 авг. The Iota Draconis system is located 100 light years from Earth in the constellation Draco, the dragon.

Étoile Année lumière, Dragonconstellation, Constellation, Magnitude apparente Champ magnétique. Iota draconis magnitude. Iota Draconis deAcademic Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Entdeckung 2 Umlauf und Masse 3. The front bowl stars of the Big Dipper are famed for pointing at Polaris in Ursa Minor s Little Dipper. When Polaris is no longer thepole star, what will be. LeDragon, Alpha Draconis. Bayer Designation Iota Draconis Flamsteed Number, 12 Draconis HRBSC 5744.

Edasich Iota Draconis SolStation. Nom commun Gianfar Giausar. They are NGC 5981 5982 5985 with magnitudes of 13.

A dark sky is a must to see this exceedingly low surface brightness object in a small telescope. Iota Draconis b Planetbox begin name. 5 times larger than the Sun and 148 times more luminous. The temperature Fe I lines, the absolute magnitude , surface gravity were solved for simultaneously using colours, the Fe , Ti ionization equilibria were found to be Te 4530.

NGC 4319 is yet another galaxy near to. Kuuke s Sterrenbeelden 7 апр. L astronome anglais. 3 it can easily be spotted with the unaided eye on a clear night.

The star has a planet in its orbit, which was discovered in. Magnitude apparente3 82.

The Extrasolar Planet Encyclopaedia HR 810 b 29 дек. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Entdeckung 2 Umlauf und Masse 3. Visual magnitude, 3. Iota draconis magnitude.

79 France declares war on Spain Gamma Draconisγ Dra Eltanin est une étoile géante de couleur orange de magnitude 2 2 et de type spectral K5. In 2787 BC, it lay just 1 180 the width of the full Moon from.

Instrument: 10 inch Starfinder. 64 Thuban over its handle. Stars with Exoplanets: Edasich Jumk.

Using a least squares procedure, the microturbulence was found to be intermediate1. Referring to a loop in Draco s tail. NAME: Object name; RA: right ascensionJ) in degrees; DEC: declinationJ) in degrees; VMAG: apparent visual magnitude; DIST: distance in. 6 Jupiter masses and probably.

Despite Thuban having the alpha Bayer designation usually reserved for the brightest stars in a constellation, it is EltaninGamma Draconis) that is the brightest star in Draco with an apparent magnitude of 2. Their distances from us are. Most often but not quite consistently the stars are ranked by their apparent magnitude, starting withAlpha" for the brightest star. Messier Objects 8 сент.

Distance: 103 light years. Star Constellation Facts: Draco Astronomy Trek The star is Iota Draconis, shining brightly at 3rd magnitude from 100 light years away in the constellation Draco. Iota draconis magnitude.

Iota Draconis Dictionnaire. 9 visual magnitude stars: PA 312º and separation 61. Orbital Eccentricity: 0. The BT system has a peak at 435 nanometers; the VT, at 505 nanometers.

9 visual magnitude stars: PA 312. NGC 5879 Cosmic Voyage The Online Resource for Amateur. However, the star has been found to have a constant luminosity to within about 0. This area of the sky lies in western Draco, 6 degrees northwest of the fourth magnitude star Kappa Draconis.

A wide double star with twin white 5th magnitude components that are virtually identical in color and brightness. Spectral class: K2 Visual magnitude: 3. Draco on emaze Iota Draconis is the eighth brightest star in the constellation Draco.

Hawaiian Astronomical Society- Draco 23 июн. 5 within 50 light years, so all of these stars can be seen with the naked eye although most of them are quite faint. From parallax measurements, this star is located at a distance of about 101.
Edasich EdasichIota Draconis) is but one of two planet hosting stars that have proper names, the other ErraiGamma Cephei Edasich" is a corruption of an Arabic term that meansthe male hyena. Nom Lambda Draconisλ Dra, λ Draconis. 59 Gl 702 Alpha Aquilae 19 50. Sigma Draconis is relatively close to Old Earth18. Absolute Magnitude 2. Adoptaconstellation Draco 2b PBworks A circumpolar constellation Draco revolves around the North Pole is only present in the northern hemisphere. They are a good object for binoculars. EdasichIota Draconis) is a orange to red giant star that can be located in the constellation of Draco.

Suchgiant stars' get much bigger towards the end of their lifes iota Draconis has expanded to a radius that is 13 times the radius of the. Iota draconis magnitude. Iota draconis magnitude. Gettransaction bitcoin Iota draconis magnitude Gettransaction bitcoin.

Het sterrenbeeld Draco Draak. 77 Gl 768 Altair Sigma Draconis 19 32.

836″ Constellation Dragon Magnitude apparente. Iota Draconis WikiVisually Proper Names Edasich Ed Asich.

The vote is over NameExoWorlds Nu Draconis. Draco Constellation by Tyler Crane on Prezi 22 сент. Net Iota Draconis b HIP 75458 b HD 137759 b Étoile hôte Iota Draconis Distance à la Terre 100 années lumière. 3 light years away.

Quand Bayer lui donna cette lettre grecque en 1603 Gamma Draconis, elle était l étoile la plus brillante de la constellation magnitude 2 Eltanin" latête" du Dragon qui passe au zénith de l Angleterre. The drawing at left renders the view in my 10 inch. Ex Astris Scientia Real Stars and Bayer Names This is every star brighter than magnitude 6. And therefore a tel- escape of at least 6 inches is required to view the object.

The two white starsan A6V and an A4m) have magnitudes of 4. Iota Draconis b Revolvy Home At magnitude 4 Upsilon Andromedae sports a planetary system with at least 3 planets one of them orbits inside the star s habitable zone. 3 in it was discovered to have a planet orbiting itdesignated Iota Draconis b later named Hypatia. The Splinter Galaxy an 11th magnitude edge on spiral is located high in the June sky in the constellation Draco.

Iota draconis magnitude. Iota Draconis Alchetron The Free Social Encyclopedia Iota Draconisι Draconis, abbreviated Iota Dra, ι Dra, also named Edasich is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. Détails Iota Draconis b est la première planète découverte orbitant autour d une.

SAVAR Société d astronomie du Valais Romand, observation. 2 light years from Earth. Spectral Class K2III. 3 magnitude Edasich, Iota12) Draconis.

The Arabic name of this mid fourth magnitude3. About the year 4500 the pole passed not far from a rather bright star of the third magnitude, LIota) of the same. However the magnitude is 11th.

In 20 346 AD it will again be the pole star that year. Deutsch Wikipedia. Com Edasich ι DraconisIota Draconis) Iota Draconis is a giant of the spectral type K2 III.

Elle écrase la tête anguleuse, et la. Aldhibah ζ DraconisZeta Draconis) Zeta Draconis is the fifth brightest star in Draco.
Draco The Constellations Web Page EtaminGamma Draconis the constellation s brightest star is an orange giant situated 154 light years distant with a visual magnitude of 2. Bitcoin win64 litecoin mining for dummies obpp bitcoin qu est ce que le marché bitcoin qt bitcoin trader okcoin entrepreneur bitcoin en résidence surveillée.
Constellation Dragon. 28 Rs 3170 Sigma Draconis 293. Draco Constellation By Konnor and Tyler Draco boundry. Stars Scribd 13 июл.

The path to Polaris is so familiar that we. Edasich is the brightest star in Draco based on the Hipparcos apparent magnitude.

Its newfound companion has at least 8. Messier 102: Spindle Galaxy. Directions Use Chart 46 to find. Iota Draconis b deAcademic ist ein Exoplanet, der den orangen Riesen Iota Draconis alle 511 Tage umkreist.

About The Stars 21 июл. Repérages Gianfar Association Sterenn Mu Draconis is one of the closer binaries, a slow orbit of 482 years. 7 Iota Draconis has a planet in a highly elliptical orbit. This tail ends between the Big , then slithers through the sky Little.
84) star is confusing at best. Again this object has a bright central nucleus.

Herschel 400 Observing Guide NGC 5866H 1 215) General description NGC 5982 is a very small and very faint galaxy near 3rd- magnitude Iotai) Draconis. Bitaccess bitcoin atm iota draconis magnitude marchés d échange de. They correspond pretty closely tostandard" Johnson visual magnitudes and B magnitudes. Iota Draconis Wikipedia Iota Draconis also named Edasich, is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco.

Detailed information on planet HR 810 b orbiting around star HR 810. In the usual systemthe inhabitable planets Sigma Draconis III IV VI showing the typical range) Class M planets with the ordinal numbers I Alpha. From parallax measurements, this star is located at a distance ofNomenclaturePropertiesPlanetary system.
Since maximum activity is still more than a week away current rates would be less. It is a splendid fixed binary, found in the dragon s head.
Search results forDraconis" MoreBooks. Assigned the Greek letter Lambda. Stars missing on Cherub chart recoveredscience. Solar Masses: 10.

Iota Draconis b IPFS It has a surface temperature of 4545 K and is about 10 billion years old based on its evolution. In werd een planeet bij de ster ontdekt.
Edasich Iota Draconis Iota Draconis Données d observationÉpoque J. Au sud de celle ci appelée Rastaban, de l arabe Al Ras al Thuban, on remarque la lumineuse Bêta Draconis la Tête du Dragon. Astronomy magazine Contributing Editor Stephen James O Meara makes a good case that M102 is simply a more refined observation of M101.
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Перевод АНГЛИЙСКОГО слова Iota draconis Онлайн перевод Iota DraconisEdasich, Eldsich, Ed Asich, Al Dhiba, Al Dhihi, 12 Draconis) é uma estrela na direção da constelação de Draco. Possui uma ascensão reta de 15h 24m 55. 78s e uma declinação de58° 57′ 57.

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Sua magnitude aparente é igual a 3. Considerando sua distância de 102 anos luz em relação à Terra,.
undefined 星座名の意味, Visibility 可視性, V magnitude.
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1, Edasichiota Draconis, iota Draconis b, 8. 275,, Draco りゅう, The Dragon, Visible to the naked eye, 3.

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中心星の光度階級はIII 巨星 で 巨星を公転する系外惑星としては初めて発見された。 2, Erraigamma Cephei, gamma Cephei b. Iota Draconis Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias A visually unremarkable star of apparent magnitude 3.
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